High Visibility Clothes

1) Introduction.

The High visibility clothes are the equipment for Personal Protection. They are used by those people who work in dark areas, on airports and Highways. This is used to let the other person very far away from the worker realise that there is someone out there. So that proper cautions can be taken without ignoring the worker on the highway and at railway stations. These clothes are made of special type of fluorescent material which has light reflecting Properties. Those who go on hunting are required to wear jackets which are highly visible to avoid accidental shooting from others.

2) How does the High Visibility of the Clothes works?

High Visibility clothes have always fascinated many people around the world. The question is really how the reflecting power is weaved inside these clothes. The answer to this question is very simple. They are made up of the Fluorescent material mixed with the reflective shapes and tapes. They glow even in the daytime when the UV rays from Sun react with the fluorescent material in the clothes. This effect can be seen in more details during a foggy or rainy weather. The Most important colours used for the Purpose of manufacturing the High Visibility Clothes are Orange, Yellow and Light Green. There is also a kind of Tape Like Clothe which is very expensive to manufacture but is quite long lasting. This tape glows best when there is low or no light and suddenly a light from Car headlights are displayed on it.

3) Conclusion.

There are a lot of colours which can be used in the High Visibility Clothes. But there is always a standard to use the Light Colours like Orange and Green So that they are easily visible in the dark. Even the government approved colours are Light Green and Yellow for better visibility.